Available Feature Codes (Star Codes)

Available Feature Codes (Star Codes)

TrueVoIP Feature Codes

Star CodeFeature Description
***Dynamically Park a call
*<Call Park Queue>Park a call
*35<Extension Number>Call Pickup
*36Group Pickup
*37Site Pickup
*38Site Group Pickup 
*40Activate Forward
*41Set Forward Busy Destination
*42Set Forward No Answer Feature
*50Agent Login for One Call
*51Agent Login
*52Agent Logout
*53<Queue Extension>
Agent Granular Login (single queue)
*54<Queue Extension>
Agent Granular Logout (single queue)
*55<Call Park Destination>Retrieve a call from a Call Park Queue
*67<10 or 11 Digit phone number>Dial outside number w/ Privacy DID 11 Digit
*67<Extension Number>Dial internally w/Privacy
*69Last Call Return
*72<Extension or phone number>Set Forward Destination
*73Disable Forward
Hotdesk Activate/Release
*78Activate Do Not Disturb
*79Disable Do Not Disturb
*90Activate Forward Busy
*91Disable Forward Busy
*92Activate Forward No Answer
*93Disable Forward No Answer
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