Editing Phone Buttons Using the Phone Builder

Editing Phone Buttons Using the Phone Builder


Phone buttons may be programmed in the TrueVoIP Manager Portal using the Phone Builder feature.  This allows a variety of phone models to be managed in an easy-to-use interface and end users can even edit their own devices, saving Office Managers time and energy.


Accessing the Phone Builder

To access the Phone Builder, login to the TrueVoIP Manager Portal and click the Phones button in the top menu.



Click the gear icon to the right of the phone device you want to edit to launch the Phone Builder app.



Using the Phone Builder

Once the Phone Builder app loads, click the button that you want to edit from the list of buttons, or by clicking the button on the phone image.  Once the edit screen appears, click the 'Select a Feature' drop down box to choose the button function.  Currently the available options are:

User (BLF)

Call Park

Speed Dial


Queue Toggle

Timeframe Toggle

In this example we'll setup a User (busy lamp field) to monitor a users availability and speed dial them when pressed.  Choose 'User (BLF)' from the drop down.



After choosing the button function, fill in the applicable information in the available fields.  In this example we'll enter a user extension in the 'Enter a user name or extension' field.  We can also choose to add a Custom label to the line appearance.  By default, the user name will appear here.



Once you've finished making changes to all of your buttons, choose Save and resync by clicking the up arrow on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.  This will send an immediate update to the phone.  Depending on the phone model, it may reboot to complete the changes.  Please note that choose 'Save' will save the changes on the system but the phone will not accept the changes until it is manually resynced or rebooted.


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