How to access call recordings

How to access call recordings


Recorded calls can be accessed through the TrueVoIP Manager Portal by any user with Office Manager access or above.  From the Call History app, Office Managers can listen to and/or download call recordings through their browser.  Please note that call recordings cannot be deleted through the Manager Portal.


Accessing the Call History app

To access call recordings, login to the TrueVoIP Manager Portal and click the Call History app button in the top menu.


Upon launching the Call History app you will be presented with the following screen which shows the most recent calls starting at the top.



Finding the right calls

Using the Filters button at the top left of the Call History list, you can narrow your field of view to quickly find the most appropriate calls.


You can filter by date range, user, caller number, called number, or the type of call (Inbound only, Outbound only, or Missed calls only).  Once you've entered the necessary information, click the Filter button.  The Call History screen will apply the filter and load only the calls matching the information you entered.


Checking for call recordings

Once you've found a call, hover over the call recording buttons to the right.  If the call wasn't recorded you will see box pop up indicating "No Recording".  This typically means that the user or device who placed or received the call isn't setup for call recording.  Please contact your administrator about setting up call recording, or if you think the call wasn't recorded due to an error.



If the call was successfully recorded, you may choose to listen to the recording by clicking on the Listen (speaker) button, or download the recording to your computer by clicking on the Download button.



Listening to a recorded call

To listen to a recorded call, click the Listen button to the right of the call.  The playback control will automatically open and you can click the Play button to start listening to the recording through your computer.



Final Notes

Call recording laws vary by location.  Please check with your state and local governments before recording phone calls to ensure that you've followed any necessary steps to stay within your local laws.

For additional information about call recording, or to inquire about setting up call recording for your company, check out our website at

For help with call recording or to report any errors, please submit a help ticket.

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