How to Use the Microsoft Teams Desktop Application or Web Application with Your TrueVoIP Extension

How to Use the Microsoft Teams Desktop Application or Web Application with Your TrueVoIP Extension

The TrueVoIP Connector for Microsoft Teams is a separately licensed add on per user/extension. For more information about using Microsoft Teams with TrueVoIP, contact our sales team.


Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that is typically used as part of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) application suite.  TrueVoIP now offers Direct Routing to enable your Teams users to make and receive phone calls using their TrueVoIP extensions.  This integration allows users to use their business numbers and contacts from their computer using the Microsoft Teams desktop and web apps, or on the go using the Microsoft Teams mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Placing Calls

To use your TrueVoIP extension with Microsoft Teams to place calls, first make sure you have the desktop application installed.  If you have Microsoft Office installed then you may already have the Microsoft Teams desktop application installed as well.
To install the application, visit
Once you have the application installed, simply launch it and login with your Microsoft 365 user account.  Then navigate to "Calls" on the left side menu as shown below.  You may also login using the web app if you do not want to install the desktop application.

Next, click on "Dial a number" at the bottom of the screen to access the dial pad.

Simply dial the phone number, user extension, star code (feature code), or any other number you would normally dial from your TrueVoIP phone and press the Call button to start the call.

Receiving Calls

Receiving calls using the Microsoft Teams desktop and web apps is exactly like receiving a Teams-to-Teams call within your organization.  Your Teams app will ring and a popup will notify you that you have an incoming call.  Simply click the button to either accept or reject the incoming call.

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