Managing Hold Music

Managing Hold Music


Hold music can be managed through the TrueVoIP Manager Portal by any user with Office Manager access or above.  Using the Music On Hold app, Office Managers can add or remove hold music files, listen to existing hold music, change hold music settings, and more through their browser.  Please note that any hold music files must be royalty free.  TrueVoIP is not responsible for the content or licensing of custom hold music files, unless purchased through us.


Accessing and Managing Music On Hold

To access hold music settings, login to the TrueVoIP Manager Portal and click the Music On Hold app button in the top menu.



Upon launching the Music On Hold app you will be presented with the following screen which shows the current list of hold music audio files in your account.  Please note that if you have not previously uploaded custom files your list may be empty.  This indicates that you are currently using the default system hold music.



Adding Hold Music Files

To add a hold music file to your account, click the Add Music button in the upper right corner of the Music On Hold management screen.


Click the Browse button to find the audio file on your computer, type a friendly name for the song in the Song Name field, and then click the Upload button.


Editing Existing Hold Music Files

From the list of hold music files you can perform the following actions.

Playback: Press the Play button next to a song to listen to it through your computer speakers.

Download: Click the Download button to download a copy of the audio file to your computer.

Edit Name: Click the Edit Name button to change the song name.

Delete: Click the Delete button to delete an audio file from your account.



Changing the Playback Order of Hold Music Files

If you use multiple hold music files you can change the order in which they play by clicking the up/down arrows and dragging a song to desired order of playback.



 You can also click the Settings button and check the box to Randomize Music on Hold.



Play Introductory Greeting

If you would like to have an introductory greeting played to callers before hold music starts, click the Settings button and then check the Play introductory greeting check box to enable the intro.  Choose whether to upload or record the greeting and enter a friendly name in the Greeting Name field.  After clicking Save the new introductory greeting will be automatically played before hold music.



Final Notes


Using custom hold music is a good way to promote your business offerings and set your business apart from others.  It's important to remember that any hold music files need to be licensed as royalty free and for commercial use.

For help with hold music or to report any errors, please submit a help ticket.

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