Microsoft Licensing for the PBX and SIP Trunk Connector

Microsoft Licensing for the PBX and SIP Trunk Connector

Microsoft Licensing for the PBX and SIP Trunk Connector

These are the licenses and combinations that allow use of Microsoft Direct Routing. Note that other licenses may work: our system will dynamically evaluate license contents when an Enterprise commences Direct Routing setup, and adds suitable licenses to the lists when new Microsoft licenses are encountered.

When purchasing phone add-on licenses we recommend purchasing ones that do NOT include the Microsoft Calling Plan.  TrueVoIP Teams Connector replaces the need for this additional cost.  Additionally, the Calling Plan can interfere with the provisioning process and cause delays.  As of June 2022 Microsoft is in the process of retiring the "Business Voice" licenses.  The most appropriate replacement for this license is "Microsoft Teams Phone Standard."  Microsoft's documentation is aggressively promoting the (more expensive) license with Calling Plan.  Do not accept the upselling attempts.

Example of Teams licenses in Microsoft's documentation, with prices shown in USD

Additionally, as Microsoft retires the older Business Voice and Phone System licenses existing customers will be forced to migrate to the newer ones.  After the licenses are updated this may disable calling for the user.  If this occurs the solution is for the global administrator to disable and re-enable each user in the TrueVoIP Teams Connector Portal.  Allow propagation time between the disable and the re-enable.


Inclusive Licenses (User license + Phone System add-on)

Product NameSKUGUID
Common Area PhoneMCOCAP295a8eb0-f78d-45c7-8b5b-1eed5ed02dff
M365 G5 GccM365_G5_GCCe2be619b-b125-455f-8660-fb503e431a5d
Meeting Room GOVMEETING_ROOM_GOV9571e9ac-2741-4b63-95fd-a79696f0d0ac
Microsoft 365 A5 for facultyM365EDU_A5_FACULTYe97c048c-37a4-45fb-ab50-922fbf07a370
Microsoft 365 A5 for studentsM365EDU_A5_STUDENT46c119d4-0379-4a9d-85e4-97c66d3f909e
Microsoft 365 E5SPE_E506ebc4ee-1bb5-47dd-8120-11324bc54e06
Microsoft 365 E5 without Audio ConferencingSPE_E5_NOPSTNCONFcd2925a3-5076-4233-8931-638a8c94f773
Microsoft 365 GOV G5M365_G5_GOVb0f809d5-a662-4391-a5aa-136e9c565b9d
Office 365 A5 for facultyENTERPRISEPREMIUM_FACULTYa4585165-0533-458a-97e3-c400570268c4
Office 365 A5 for studentsENTERPRISEPREMIUM_STUDENTee656612-49fa-43e5-b67e-cb1fdf7699df
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE DEVELOPER E5DEVELOPERPACK_E5c42b9cae-ea4f-4ab7-9717-81576235ccac
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E5ENTERPRISEPREMIUMc7df2760-2c81-4ef7-b578-5b5392b571df
OFFICE 365 GCC G5ENTERPRISEPREMIUM_GOV8900a2c0-edba-4079-bdf3-b276e293b6a8

Non-Inclusive Licenses (User license only.)  Requires Phone System add-on.

The licenses in this list need to be combined with a Phone System or comparable add-on license from the next list below .

Product NameSKUGUID
Enterprisepackplus StudentENTERPRISEPACKPLUS_STUDENT98b6e773-24d4-4c0d-a968-6e787a1f8204
Enterprisewithscal StudentENTERPRISEWITHSCAL_STUDENT05e8cabf-68b5-480f-a930-2143d472d959
M365 F1 COMMM365_F1_COMM50f60901-3181-4b75-8a2c-4c8e4c1d5a72
M365edu A3 StuusebnftM365EDU_A3_STUUSEBNFT18250162-5d87-4436-a834-d795c15c80f3
M365edu A5 StuusebnftM365EDU_A5_STUUSEBNFT31d57bc7-3a05-4867-ab53-97a17835a411
Microsoft 365 A3 for facultyM365EDU_A3_FACULTY4b590615-0888-425a-a965-b3bf7789848d
Microsoft 365 A3 for studentsM365EDU_A3_STUDENT7cfd9a2b-e110-4c39-bf20-c6a3f36a3121
MICROSOFT 365 BUSINESSSPBcbdc14ab-d96c-4c30-b9f4-6ada7cdc1d46
MICROSOFT 365 E3SPE_E305e9a617-0261-4cee-bb44-138d3ef5d965
Microsoft 365 F1M365_F144575883-256e-4a79-9da4-ebe9acabe2b2
Microsoft 365 F3SPE_F166b55226-6b4f-492c-910c-a3b7a3c9d993
Microsoft 365 GOV G3M365_G3_GOVe823ca47-49c4-46b3-b38d-ca11d5abe3d2
Mtr PremMTR_PREM4fb214cb-a430-4a91-9c91-4976763aa78f
Office 365 A1 for facultySTANDARDWOFFPACK_FACULTY94763226-9b3c-4e75-a931-5c89701abe66
Office 365 A3 for facultyENTERPRISEPACKPLUS_FACULTYe578b273-6db4-4691-bba0-8d691f4da603
OFFICE 365 BUSINESS ESSENTIALSO365_BUSINESS_ESSENTIALS3b555118-da6a-4418-894f-7df1e2096870
OFFICE 365 BUSINESS PREMIUMO365_BUSINESS_PREMIUMf245ecc8-75af-4f8e-b61f-27d8114de5f3
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E1STANDARDPACK18181a46-0d4e-45cd-891e-60aabd171b4e
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E2STANDARDWOFFPACK6634e0ce-1a9f-428c-a498-f84ec7b8aa2e
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E3ENTERPRISEPACK6fd2c87f-b296-42f0-b197-1e91e994b900
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E3 DEVELOPERDEVELOPERPACK189a915c-fe4f-4ffa-bde4-85b9628d07a0
OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E4ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL1392051d-0cb9-4b7a-88d5-621fee5e8711
OFFICE 365 F1DESKLESSPACK4b585984-651b-448a-9e53-3b10f069cf7f
OFFICE 365 GCC G3ENTERPRISEPACK_GOV535a3a29-c5f0-42fe-8215-d3b9e1f38c4a
OFFICE 365 SMALL BUSINESS PREMIUMSMB_BUSINESS_PREMIUMac5cef5d-921b-4f97-9ef3-c99076e5470f
Spe E3 Rpa1SPE_E3_RPA1c2ac2ee4-9bb1-47e4-8541-d689c7e83371
Standardpack GovSTANDARDPACK_GOV3f4babde-90ec-47c6-995d-d223749065d1
Standardwoffpack Iw FacultySTANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_FACULTY78e66a63-337a-4a9a-8959-41c6654dfb56
Standardwoffpack Iw StudentSTANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_STUDENTe82ae690-a2d5-4d76-8d30-7c6e01e6022e
Standardwoffpack StudentSTANDARDWOFFPACK_STUDENT314c4481-f395-4525-be8b-2ec4bb1e9d91

Phone System or comparable add-on Licenses

These must be combined with a non-inclusive license from the list above.

Product NameSKUGUID
Mcocap FacultyMCOCAP_FACULTY420c7602-7f70-4895-9394-d3d679ea36fb
Mcocap GovMCOCAP_GOVb1511558-69bd-4e1b-8270-59ca96dba0f3
Meeting RoomMEETING_ROOM6070a4c8-34c6-4937-8dfb-39bbc6397a60
Meeting Room FacultyMEETING_ROOM_FACULTY132b5ce3-eb0b-4d49-91fa-2932ffe4971c
Meeting Room NoaudioconfMEETING_ROOM_NOAUDIOCONF61bec411-e46a-4dab-8f46-8b58ec845ffe
MICROSOFT 365 PHONE SYSTEM FOR GCCMCOEV_GOVa460366a-ade7-4791-b581-9fbff1bdaa85
MICROSOFT 365 PHONE SYSTEM FOR STUDENTSMCOEV_STUDENT1f338bbc-767e-4a1e-a2d4-b73207cc5b93
MICROSOFT 365 PHONE SYSTEM FOR TELSTRAMCOEV_TELSTRAffaf2d68-1c95-4eb3-9ddd-59b81fba0f61
MICROSOFT 365 PHONE SYSTEM_USGOV_DODMCOEV_USGOV_DODb0e7de67-e503-4934-b729-53d595ba5cd1
Microsoft Business VoiceBUSINESS_VOICEe5a17adf-8f0d-4b57-bc14-d331235f9307
Microsoft Business Voice Medium TelcoBUSINESS_VOICE_MED2_TELCO08d7bce8-6e16-490e-89db-1d508e5e9609
Microsoft Business Voice Medium Without Calling PlanBUSINESS_VOICE_DIRECTROUTING_MED8330dae3-d349-44f7-9cad-1b23c64baabe
Microsoft Business Voice Medium2BUSINESS_VOICE_MED2a6051f20-9cbc-47d2-930d-419183bf6cf1
Microsoft Business Voice Without Calling PlanBUSINESS_VOICE_DIRECTROUTINGd52db95a-5ecb-46b6-beb0-190ab5cda4a8
Microsoft Phone System for facultyMCOEV_FACULTYd979703c-028d-4de5-acbf-7955566b69b9
Mtr Prem Us CanMTR_PREM_US_CAN03070f91-cc77-4c2e-b269-4a214b3698ab
PHONE SYSTEM Teams Phone StandardMCOEVe43b5b99-8dfb-405f-9987-dc307f34bcbd
Teams Phone with Calling PlanMCOTEAMS_ESSENTIALSae2343d1-0999-43f6-ae18-d816516f6e78
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