Using the TrueVoIP Web Client

Using the TrueVoIP Web Client

The TrueVoIP Web Client is a web based application that allows all users to perform several different functions from their web browser without the need for a desk phone.  There is no additional cost for the TrueVoIP Web Client and all users who have been granted Basic User or above permissions automatically have access.  Please note that not all functions are available to every user based on how their company system is setup.  Some of the main features of the TrueVoIP Web Client are:

  • Make and receive calls without a desk phone
  • View individual call history
  • Manage contacts
  • View, listen to, delete, save, or download voicemail messages
  • Manage Answering Rules (call forwarding, time frames, etc)
  • Create, edit, and manage voicemail greetings
  • Chat with other users*
  • Send and receive SMS (text) messages using your business phone number**

*Other users must be signed into TrueVoIP Web Client or using the TrueVoIP Mobile app

**Additional charges may apply for SMS messaging and requires the user to have their own dedicated phone number.  A phone number can only be applied to one user.


To access the TrueVoIP Web Client, login to the TrueVoIP Portal and click the link at the top of the screen (pictured below) that says "TrueVoIP Web Client".  The client will launch in a new window and may be maximized for ease of use.



Alternatively, you may simply navigate to and login directly to the web client. 



If you are having trouble accessing the portal or cannot access the TrueVoIP Web Client, check our help article or consult your company's office manager for help.

If you are still having problems, open a TrueVoIP help ticket here.

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