Using Virtual Fax

Using Virtual Fax


The Fax app in the TrueVoIP Manager Portal can be used to send and receive faxes as well as view and download previously sent and received faxes.  Each sent and received fax is listed with a current status.


Accessing the Fax app

To access the Fax app, login to the TrueVoIP Manager Portal as a fax enabled user and click the Fax app button in the top menu.



Fax Inbox

When launching the Fax app you will be presented with the Fax inbox by default.

[screenshot coming soon]


Sent Faxes

Using the drop down box, you can choose to browse the Sent items.

[screenshot coming soon]


Sending a Fax

  1. Clicking the Send Fax button will display the Send Fax dialog box.
  2. Once this opens click Browse to select the file to be faxed.
  3. The Caller ID field allows the user to select which fax number the fax will be sent from; in the event that there are multiple numbers to select from.
  4. The Phone Number field should be filled with the destination phone number.
  5. Once all fields are completed click Send.



Receiving Faxes

  1. Received faxes will be emailed to the address(es) configured for the fax user; as well as being listed in the Fax app.
  2. Received faxes can be downloaded, previewed or deleted from the Fax app in the TrueVoIP Manager Portal.
  3. The Fax app in the TrueVoIP Manager Portal also includes message status displaying receipt errors; for example, call dropped.
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